Once again, I thought I’d alert you to the fact that every day this week, there will be a new incentive over on topwebcomics.com when you vote for 6-Commando.  Pages from my sketchbook, early concept sketches, or other cool things to gawk at for a few seconds in exchange for the vote!  So shuffle on over and help get this one into the high end, arright?  Thanks!

Well.  There’s not a whole lot to be said here.  Not that wouldn’t totally spoil the story for you, anyway.  And since it’s late (as it often is when I post these little updates) I’ll keep it brief, and say only that I warned you early on that this chapter would raise a lot more questions than it answered.  But I think the scene speaks for itself, and will read properly in context as we go.

This is the most technically complex page I’ve done so far.  I really like the look of the pure pencil, and I’m certain that, had I had to ink this, I would never have been done on schedule.  The coloring was a bit of a problem for me, I’ll admit – I’m still fiddling with the adjustments on my color flatting technique (if you don’t know what flatting is, I recommend Jason Brubaker’s primer on the subject).  But suffice it to say I’m pretty happy with this page overall and I’m just moving right along here.

By the way, as I’ve often criticized the inclusion of cats in comic stories, I’ll justify their inclusion here by saying that they are just cats.  They are not psychic, they do not talk, they are not secretly gods or goddesses – they’re just cats.  I thought they added a touch of domesticity to the scene, in addition to making it seem very “alive,” in contrast to the rather denuded jungle environments I’ve been drawing so far (and subsequently setting on fire with atomic blasts).

Anyway, it was an extremely long week for me, this last one.  Overtime out the wazoo to get this project done at the proverbial “office.”  And there’s another one coming right up so for now, I better make my bed and go to it.  However, I will say thanks for all the votes, and the constant support!  This week I’ll be doing another little vote drive, with special updates every day – so vote early and often, as they say!  The system has just reset for voting so now’s the time to push 6-Commando up in the rankings a bit.

And to all the commenters, thanks for the notes!  It’s been very helpful, and I appreciate all the support!  Be well, and see you all next week!