Another minor setback this week, but business before pleasure, I’m afraid.  Another 24 hours ought to do the trick though. For those of you who haven’t totally given up on this comic by now, thanks for the patience!  See you tomorrow!

Well then there now.  There goes the South African Air Force.  Looks like they’re in real trouble now.  I’m quite glad I took the extra bit of time to retouch this page.  The extra bit of lighting here and there was really worth it.  I hope.

Thanks to everyone for their encouragement – and for being so patient with me.  In recent discussions on a forum I participate in, some fellow artists have come down rather militantly against delays of this sort as “unprofessional.”  Well, okay.  But in the end, I’d rather the delay and a good product than a rush to a bit of half-assery.  I’ve had too much of that lately, particularly the rather disappointing pages during the computer outage this summer, and so now that I have a chance to give you guys something rather more up to scratch I’d prefer to do it.  So thanks for the kind forbearance!

Anyhow, I have a long day tomorrow so I better turn in.  Keep on voting, and all that – today, in particular was a real boost to 6-Commando’s “ratings,” so thanks!  The visibility is excellent and very helpful!  The next page is on the drawing board even as we speak, so forward march!

See you next week!