I’m afraid I have to abbreviate this week, since it’s rather later than I’d imagined.  But here’s a page for the week!  More battlesuits, and a rather haggard-looking Major Rucker.  The idea was to show the view from the insides of what my Ma once called the “tupperware lid” the heavy suit troopers wear.  I’d actually imagine that this is a lot more comfortable than the light combat suits, since you don’t have the helmet strapped right to your head.  But on the other hand they have that large heads-up display which would probably be tiring to wear, and you can forget about scratching yourself if you get an inconvenient itch.

But anyhow, we’re still moving forward.  Many thanks for the great response last week – next week I’ll have another two-pager for you all, as the second half of this one goes out.  And it’s a doozy, I promise!

Until next week, folks, be well!