…or IS he?  I’ll wager not.

Got well ahead of the game this week, to the point that I had time to make some edits even after I was well into coloring, which I’m very glad of.  Not to say I don’t always strive to do my best on every page, just that, sometimes, with a bit of extra time, I catch things that I might not do otherwise.

It’s funny.  No matter how I feel about a drawing I’ve been working on in the moment, I can pretty well guarantee that I’ll feel the opposite within twelve hours.  That happened here.  Last night, I was convinced I’d totally messed this one up, but by the time I got up this morning, I realized I really was on the right track after all.  Goes to show you – if your instinct is to tear the thing up and start over, resist it – in a few hours you might think otherwise.

At any rate, here we are in the year of the Fire Monkey, I’m told.  I don’t truck with astrology, but I am partial to monkeys as animals go, so here’s hoping this is an auspicious year.  Started out rough, but who knows?

Until next week, folks!