Sorry I missed last week – I’m deep into a really busy moment and I’m kicking against a lot of deadlines all at once.  But I’m still here!

SO!  First, let me thank ALL of you for supporting, talking about, getting in on, and otherwise helping out with the SpiderForest Coloring Book!  We overfulfilled our goal by more than 50%!  You guys rock out loud!  THANK YOU!

And now, because I missed last week, here are TWO WEEKS’ worth of Comics Of The Week!  I know you guys will dig them as much as I do!

For six months of darkness at the top of the world, Haelu lives amongst the villagers of Arbalest. Like every Night Twin before her, Haelu is a monster, destined for sacrifice. Unlike every Night Twin before her, Haelu dreams of a way out. Together with a candlemaker from a broken home, she will learn to transcend the role that Arbalest has laid out for her.

In 2004, the world ended. Technology failed, disease reigned, and humanity fell–all except for a City in a Place. There, in a hidden civilization of scientists, doctors, and engineers, life as we know it continued…and everyone else wants what they have. The City will stand or fall based on the choices of a wandering survivor as she uncovers a history with the City she never knew she had. Join Colbey as she searches for her lost fiance and finds more than she ever bargained for. Rated R for violence and profanity.

Visit your local Specialists for help with your uncanny, supernatural and subnatural problems. Some experience of the natural, but discussion of your exact needs is advisable. Not available for speculative seances.

The perils of adopting 20-somethings and throwing them at monsters.

Have a great week, folks!