Ohhhh boy, this is where it gets WEIRD.  Oh yeah.  Still with me here?  I hope so!

It’s still Monday, so it’s not really late!  That… does that scan?

Well, at any rate, it’s a day off for me so I figured I’d give myself a few extra hours to work this out, and hopefully that paid off.  Yes, that IS a “2001: A Space Odyssey” homage on this page.  But hey, if you’re going to do it, take it from Kubrick, man.

I’m putting my feet up and letting my old cat sit in my lap for the rest of the day.  Poor old girl is turning… 16, I think, this year, and she’s slowing down.  But she’s been begging to sit in my lap all day so why not?

Now, a few things:

First, thanks to the efforts of reader, friend of the comic, and frequent commentator “Crazyman,” 6-Commando now has a page on TVtropes.  He got it pretty spot on for starters, but it’s all open-source so feel free to add, refine, connect, cross-reference and so forth!  I never did that myself (who wants to write up their own work?) but it’s kind of cool to see the culture references I might not even know about – and BOY is TVtropes a pop culture rabbit hole – hours and hours on that site, for sure!

Second, it’s Memorial Day here in the United States, so in around all the fun of the day off and the start of the summer, a few solemn moments for our soldiers killed in the line of duty are in order.  I live in hope that one day we may overcome our need for warfare and destruction – that may be a conceit, but I think it’s a healthy one.  Until then, God bless.

And speaking of our veterans, third, I want to point you at a “new-old” comic series that’s just started on the web: The 388th, written and drawn by longtime comics comrade-in-arms, Tony Bourne.  His work is superb in a way that I have yet to see anyone top.  Give it a read!  And if you just can’t wait for the next page – it’s already in print, so buy the book!

Anyway, until next week.  All the best folks.