Sometimes, I really CAN do it all!

This weekend saw my second New York Comic Convention, and man the thing was absolutely ENORMOUS.  At least a hundred thousand people there, I heard someone say.  Couldn’t tell you who, though – there were too many people!  Super huge thanks are due to Denny Fincke and Jeff Brennan, who very kindly shared their space with me for a few hours, providing me not only with a home base, but also some valuable experience in how exactly one runs a table like that.  Everyone I met at the show was super-awesome to me – in contrast to last year, I can’t say I had a single bad interaction at the whole show!  I got to meet Phil Reed from Steve Jackson Games, whose boardgame Ogre, I’m sure you know, is a great favorite of mine; Evan Dahm of Rice Boy, who once gave me some great words of encouragement that he probably has forgotten but which were a great inspiration to me; Chris Cope and Eric Hutchinson of Neo Revolver, who were awesome enough to chat with me for quite a while, and give me a free comic, to boot; Christopher Herndon of Blunderbuss Wanderlust who didn’t think I was coming back for a copy of his book (fooled you!); Melissa Curtin of Strange Someone, whose artwork is what I am now aspiring to; and of course, the Starfleet crew from the USS Sutherland – McKinley Station informs me the new Warp Core is arriving on Tuesday.

So yeah, great times had by all.

Downside: I broke my front tooth.  Twice.  I broke it the first time sometime late last week, and had it rebuilt on Friday.  Painlessly, thank God.  But then tonight, while eating supper, the damn edge snapped right off again.  Goddamn it.  My dentist will be wringing his hands over this one.  And I’ll be searching the recesses of my wallet to pay for it.  But what can you do?  Call the dentist tomorrow morning, that’s what.

But at any rate, with all THAT excitement, I still have a nice, neat, new page for you.  And here it is!

So now I must rest.  Until next week, comrades, be well!