Whoo!  Made it before the power went out!

Yeah, we’re all basically in panic mode up here in New England.  I tend to think it’s been overblown by the media, but we were really burned by some unexpected weather last year, so I guess it’s understandable that everyone be a bit gunshy when it comes to Nor’easters these days.  All the transit has been shut down and we’re basically taking up a siege posture.  We’re all anticipating a big mess starting sometime in the morning.  I’m quite glad that I live on high ground, up on the rock promontory here, as it’s sparing me from the evacuations.  All this, of course plays right into the paws of my cat’s master plan: she’s been searching for years for an effective way to keep me in the house for days on end, so she has someone to sink her claws into when she feels the need.

Anyhow. The page!  Yes.  My mind is so much on the storm that I have little to say about it.

So I guess for now, I’ll just leave it at that.  All the best, folks.  God willing, we’ll be back next week!