Using a small rocket-propelled grenade to break someone out of rubble is not the best course of action, but when time is of the essence, you have to take extreme measures.

So yeah, I know the schedule is all out of whack here, but I’m not quitting.Β  And here are some more lovely Spiderforest comics for your enjoyment!

What it Takes is a post-apocalyptic action/adventure that follows Colbey O’Conner as she searches for her fiance in a harsh and violent wasteland. Her biggest clue to his location is the enigmatic A City in a Place. Can she make it there before King Arthur, who wants the City’s resources for his own? Rated R for violence and profanity.

The Devil’s Own – Dominic is second generation Devil’s Own, a cadre of dhampir soldiers whose sole duty is to protect their vampire Lord, Damien, from threats within and without. When visitors arrive from the United Territories his world gets turned on its ear. Rated Mature for violence and language.