So… we’re back in crazytown.  O yes.

This week, we have a lot of extra stuff!  First up, I want to let everyone know that the SpiderForest Webcomic Podcast is live, and I hope you’ll all give it a listen!  We all worked really hard on it and it’s got a lot of really interesting discussion on the art and craft of comics, plus interviews with some of the big names in the webcomics world these days.

Next up, the Spiderforest Webcomic Collective has welcomed a bumper of new members this season!  Here are a few:

Monster Lands – A fantasy/dramedy story that focuses on the axe-wielding, monster-riding adventurer Othera as she battles against the tyranny of the evil queen Eren Lorry!

HELM – Embark on a journey across the dark and dangerous world of HELM in search of the legendary Bastard King.

Saffron and Sage – Saffron and Sage is a comedy/action comic about a group of adventurers trying to rescue a kidnapped Prince while learning valuable life lessons.

Sell Spell – When Sedo, an illegal spell-for-hire, is tasked with “retrieving” a mysterious artifact, he cons a gullible Mage’s apprentice and his motley crew of bodyguards into helping him. However, as simple treasure hunt turns into treacherous cross-country journey, Sedo gets the sinking feeling he is being hunted… and more importantly, underpaid.

And finally, since you all asked for it, I’ve put up a high-res version of the Howler vehicle card on – cast a vote and have a looksee!

Whew!  So until next week, have a good one, folks!