Another week, another page!  Special thanks go to all the folks who took advantage of last week’s extension of 6-Commando Poker!  I’ll be contacting all of you this week to see about getting you yor prizes.

We’re rolling towards the end of the chapter, here.  And I think it’s going to be something you either love or hate – as ever, I’m trying to be willing to take risks with this story, and I hope you like where I’m going with it.  After the end of Chapter 3, of course, there will have to be some kind of a reckoning, so to speak, because I’m going to have to devote myself to shaping this book up for printing, if I plan to get it done for printing this year, as I hope to do.  Now, of course, there’s always the possibility that I could just nix the print version and go on with the story, leaving the whole thing online.  And I admit, there’s a part of me that’s tempted to do that, not only because I really DO want to draw chapter 4 and keep the whole thing going, but also because this year I’m taking my licensing examinations to register as an Architect.  But at this point, I feel like I’ve so totally committed myself to this, and hyped up the book form so much, that I kind of ought to see it through.  God willing, I’ll be able to get it done in a time and in a shape that you’ll all appreciate, and will make me happy with the result.  Right now, only time will tell.

If I do have to take a pause in order to do this, however, I’m going to see to it that there’s something to fill the gap, even if it’s just weekly “this is what I did this week” posts for you.  So I’ll really be doing my best to keep you all involved.

As to everything else, I don’t have much more to add for now.  I’m a bit late, and a bit tired, and I’m also on the road this weekend, so I’m not sure what else there is.

All the best, folks!