Yep.  Stuff is getting WEIRD.  As if it weren’t already.

I hope nobody minded that I kind of went on Silent Running last week – I had a major deadline to meet at work, which included traveling a long distance mid-week to a meeting at a construction site.  So I’ve been pretty busy.

I’m also still having weird site issues I haven’t had time or spare effort to resolve: f0r some reason I can’t hot-post replies to comments at the moment, and because of the loads of spam I filter out I have some pretty intricate site guts that attempt to keep things reasonably secure, but which also hinder my ability to find or implement an easy answer.  So that means that responding from my phone on my way to work is kind of out of the question for the moment, so my response times are way lower than usual.

Anyhow, I’m still rockin’ and rollin’ here.  More work, more deadlines and so on, but one thing at a time.  Until next week, folks!