A little chatter below gave me a great idea for an impromptu, unannounced 6-Commando contest, and this time, there WILL ACTUALLY BE A PRIZE! A genuine, tangible prize!  Which I will mail to you.  And you will like.  I hope.

Anyway, in the interest of keeping it all simple, here’s the contest: come up with some dialogue for the last panel on this page!  It can be whatever you like.  Funny, serious, techy, whatever.  I will judge it based on a completely arbitrary standard of what I think is best, and the top three will go up on the site as part of next week’s post.  And the number one will receive a free advance item of 6-Commando Merchandise! How do you like THAT? So tell your friends, neighbors and so on to come on over to the site, read 6-Commando, and post their entry!  You can also, if you so desire, email it to me – I have added my “Contact” button above, at long last!  If I were smart I’d have somehow tied all this in to voting at topwebcomics.com, but what the hell, I’ll be good-natured and just rely on your better instincts on that one.

(hint hint!)

A real prize, folks, and a good one, too!  Let’s see what you’ve got!

Yet again I’m running late this evening, so I’ll be very brief, and take the time only to mention two important things in my current comic book frame-of-reference.  Two colleagues of mine, cartoonists both have just released their first published works!  Joost Haakman’s Semmie the Forest Gnome is now available in both English and Dutch, in hardcover no less, and Jason Brubaker’s long-anticipated and much-discussed reMIND has finally arrived from the printer and is on sale now!  So I highly recommend you follow the banners below to these fine publications and order yourself up a copy – both may be very different from 6-Commando, but they are works of the very finest caliber and I recommend them both very highly.

Other than that, I’m on a deadline this week, so I’m off to sleep.  All the best, everyone!