Mike sure does seem to like this particular “reality.”  I suppose it doesn’t hurt that I have a good time drawing junk, for some reason.  Probably because it’s hard to mess it up, since it’s already… you know, JUNK.

This has been a strange week, but in the interests of civilization, I won’t dwell on it, except to say that my heart and thoughts are with the people in Belgium, Iraq and Pakistan on this Easter Sunday, and that whatever one’s religion, beliefs, or philosophy, the hallmark of enlightened civilization is a commitment to peace – and not just for your own, nor only so long as you get what you want, but as a truly universal, unconditional virtue that transcends all.  I continue to pray for it and to strive for it in whatever small way I’m able.

This week, finally, I want to draw your attention to some fellow SpiderForest inductees – this time, from the realm of Sci Fi.  If you’re reading this, you already know one of the three (it’s ME!) but the other two, Cosmic Dash and Derelict, are both really beautiful and totally engaging works – I heartily recommend them to you! (A word of caution – Derelict is rated “M” so you may not want to read it on a work computer – but it’s still a super-awesome piece with artwork to DIE for!)