Just thought I’d prove that I still know how to draw.  Sarah so rarely smiles – she’s a deeply messed-up person, like so many of us are.  But we still love her.

One day, the true story of what’s going on behind the scenes here will be told.  There’s no way I know of to talk about it without sounding petulant and petty, and that’s not how I want it to come off.  The upshot is that, with the number of shits I have to give at the moment being very strictly limited, I have been reserving my effort for areas that need it most.  In other ways I’m doing better than I ever have – it’s just that “doing well” in the professional sense is always precarious, and really demands more effort as you advance, rather than less.  And so something gives, and alas it’s been 6-Commando.

Is that all vague and evasive enough for you?  I bet it is!  But you guys, everyone here, has been so supportive on the other hand, that it continues to reassure me.  I could so easily discard this project, but I’m clearly not ready to do that.  The kindness and support you’ve all given me has been incredibly uplifting to me, in a time when I feel like it’s become super easy for us all to treat each other with dismissive contempt yet somehow find reasons to feel good, or at least indifferent, about doing so.  We may not all realize it yet, but we’ve all incurred a heavy interpersonal debt against each other in 2020.  That won’t easily be paid off, but I’m trying.  So to all of you guys, thank you.

In addition, allow me to offer a particular word of thanks to Tony Bourne, creator of the comics The Fed and The 388th. His are among the most rewarding, sophisticated, and graphically accomplished works I’ve been privileged to see in development, and his personal support and kindness to someone like me, who is essentially a stranger (we met once at NYCC and didn’t realize it until months later!) has been particularly reassuring to me.  God bless, Tony.  Everyone, you owe it to yourselves to buy his comic.  A veteran of the US Armed Forces, Tony knows where-from he speaks when it comes to military fiction, and he doesn’t pull his punches.

God bless, everyone!