Something’s going seriously wrong with poor Sarah.  Did anyone predict this scene?  I’m sure someone did.  But did they predict what it really means?  Well, only your cartoonist knows for sure… 😉

This week was really, really rough on me.  I didn’t sleep very well, and had way more work to do on way shorter schedules than I usually like.  But I persevered, and this weekend was pure wonderfulness – the weather was warm and sunny, I got some time to see some friends on Saturday, and then I drew this page, and it came out just as I’d wanted it to.  So we’re all good!

On the advice of a Knowledgeable Friend, I’ve also given up drinking coffee after 12 noon.  That’s a big adjustment for me – although I already radically cut back my coffee drinking on the advice of my cardiologist, I’m still accustomed to having a cup at about 1PM.  But I’m taking a shot at it, with the intent being to clear the system by the time I go to sleep.  I’m already a clinical insomniac, and so anything that promises a better time at night is worth a try.

At any rate, I’m off to bed now.  If history is any guide, this week is going to be another doozy.  So off I go!  All the best, folks.