Okay, so I lied a little bit.  I got so excited, and you guys have been so nice about this long hiatus, that I’m starting Chapter 3 early.  That is officially a 6-Commando first: a page done ahead of schedule!  But really, since this page is all style and no real artwork, like the infamous White Pgae, I felt like a schlub making it the first week’s full post, so I decided to lead in with this and then post as usual on Monday.  Yes, TECHnically it’s Chapter 3, Page Zero, because the way it all paces out, this is on an even-numbered page, and I haven’t quite designed the “book”version of all this through and through yet.  But enough explanations.  This is it, it is here, now, and Chapter 3 is officially underway.

So, yes!  I’m already feeling good and enthusiastic about this, and, you may rest assured that, in spite of this being page zero, Page 1 will appear as promised on Monday, and we will be back to our regularly scheduled silliness.

Have a good weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday!