Two different antibiotics and a few days’ of work-from-home later, I’m on the mend, albeit temporarily (fingers crossed) deaf in one ear.  Seems likely I ruptured my eardrum but first things first, we’re clearing up the infection.  So there’s going to be some fallout, and checkups, and tests, and all that nonsense, but that’s later – maybe we’ll be dead by then!

Oh… that’d be great.

And now, here’s page three!

About A Death At The Gates Of Heaven:

This story first appeared in 2018 in the Spiderforest Webcomic Collective anthology Threads: A Gallery of Rogues, which is  available in print for the impatient among you by clicking on the image below.  It appeared alongside fifteen other graphic short stories in full color, and so for my money it’s a good buy for entertainment during the current time!  You can also find other volumes of our anthology, and the work of a lot of other great Spiderforest artists worth looking into.

And of course, please give Ally’s spectacular Wychwood a look as well!And as always, thanks for the continued support!  The notes and emails I’ve received have all been so positive and encouraging, I can’t tell you all how much it means to me.  God bless!