Yes, the fateful time of year is upon us when another chapter of 6-Commando draws to a close, and as ever, is coinciding with a perception on my part of unreality as I go about my daily routine, podering at the back of my mind what to do next.  Add to that a bout of insomnia from which I briefly recovered, only to be plunged back into its depths almost at once; a very long commute on one of the most underdeveloped mass transit systems in a nation of underdeveloped mass transit; a large amount of work at… well, at work; and a generally delayed springtime in New England that is leaving me feeling a little depressed – put that all together and it’s hard to keep my brain in focus.

So, although I know it’s unlikely that you’ll see this, tucked away down here, unless you’re getting the RSS feed on this (which I recommend, by the way!) I thought I’d seek a little clarity from the readership to help me sort out what’s going to happen next with 6-Commando.

That is NOT as ominous as it sounds, by the way, I promise.  I’m not quitting or stopping or going on “the permanent vacation” so to speak, none of that.  I’m simply trying to decide what the most productive thing to do next would be, and since you guys are the beneficiaries of my madness, as it were, I thought a little reader input might help.  Yeah, that’s right, I’m opening up THAT can of worms.  So for starters let me preface this all by saying that though I’m soliciting comment, I make not guarantees that I’ll take any suggestions – think of me as the FSR, not the UNA.  Not a democracy.  But I do feel a little torn on a few things, and so I’ll lay out what’s circulating in my mind, to wit:

  • I’ve received the form email from the New York Comic Con informing me that Artist Alley registration is open;
  • I’ve recently made alterations to my process and style that have changed the general tone of the comic, art-wise (on my end, anyhow);
  • Chapter 2, though at an end, is not, as it were, “finished,” due to the computer failure in the first third of the chapter that left several pages incomplete;
  • Chapter 1, though satisfactorily completed in full color and with all lettering and line art, needs a serious overhaul before press;
  • I’ve assessed the likely financial situation for this comic, vis-a-vis the likelihood of being able to self-publish my desired “deluxe edition” of 6-Commando, Part 1, and it does not at present seem feasible unless I go for Print-On-Demand;

And so, with all that, I’d like to see what the general thought is on these issues:

  1. Is it worthwhile to try to print each chapter via POD as an individual unit?
  2. Is it worthwhile to bother rectifying the art for Chapter 1 before doing so?
  3. Should I bother to apply for space at NYCC this year?
  4. And perhaps most importantly, do you want to see Chapter 3 start up right away, or would you rather see Chapter 1 and 2 “digitally remastered” for what would effectively be a relaunch of the series?

I know this is probably all obvious to you but for whatever reason it really isn’t to me, so I’d like to know what the thought is.  To say where I am at the moment, by way of comparison, my leanings are:

  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. No
  4. Maybe

So what do you think?