Well, after all that waiting and waiting and waiting, followed by more waiting, and summed up with additional waiting, 6-Commando has been denied space at New York Comic Con’s Artist’s Alley.  Ah, well.  I don’t take it personally – having worked in admissions and hiring, which is a similar kind of job, I know that sometimes you just end up getting cut, and that’s that.  And 6-Commando is a very unconventional kind of comic; with all the superheroics and vampires and Amerimanga, a cartoon-style Cold War nuclear drama in Central Africa is hardly what they expected to see, I bet!  However, I’m not one to be deterred easily.  I issued orders to my units in the field to retarget our missiles, which is to say, I’m looking into alternative exhibition space at NYCC.  And failing that, I’ll just try to go anyway and pass out cards or fliers or whatever, just to spite them!  So fear not!  The War Effort is continuing, no matter what!

And you can help!  Pass the website to friends, vote early and vote often, link 6-Commando in on your website!  And as to personal demands sent to the organizers of NYCC, I’ll simply say that you may very well think of doing that, but I couldn’t possibly comment!  (Just kidding on that last one – don’t bug anyone.  But you get where I’m coming from, at least.)  So keep up the support, because the more you do, the better the chances of 6-Commando making it in the “real world!”  I can’t do it without you – the readers!