So, everybody, a little applause, please for Héctor Rodriguez, creator of El Peso Hero, who leaped into the breach, and saved the guest storyline from certain doom!  He also did so in a gratifyingly large scale – most of the artists who participated in this stuck to my personal dimensions, but a few, determined to color outside the lines, went their own way, and I really think it’s cool to see 6-Commando in such a different perspective!  So thanks to Héc for stepping in, and folks, if you want to see a comic that confronts some of the most pressing issues of the day in a very unusual and unexpected way, check out El Peso Hero.  With a rough style that matches perfectly the hard-edged world of the U.S.-Mexico border, its inhabitants, and its criminals, Héc takes one of the most unique views of the superhero myth in American culture and applies it to current events in a way that will surprise you.  It’s good work and an excellent story!  So read on, folks!

And on my end of the bargain, the most recent two-page unit was a real rough time.  The jungles… my GOD, the JUNGLES!  I know it’s just a visual abstraction of a part of the world where I’ve never been, but jeez, why did I have to choose a place with so much foliage?  But anyway, you can see it all now, as before, by casting a little vote.

So that puts us back on track.  And now I must rest.  But there’s more good stuff coming very soon, so keep tuning in, folks!

Oh, and by the way, to all robot lovers who don’t know yet: Curiosity, the NASA mars rover, made a flawless combined retrothrust cable descent on Mars this morning. Godspeed, little buddy!

Aww, but they should have named him Mike. 😉