Well, here we go.  Almost.

Yes, this is the long-awaited guest story, written by Chris Wrann, and drawn by the fabulous people you see listed above.  This is my “title card,” which I did by way of introducing this fabulous event.  I’ve hyped this so much that there’s really nothing more to say but “Here it goes, everyone!”

Seriously though, this is so totally awesome I don’t know what to say.  All these terrific artists and writers have really done me a huge service by doing this, and I’ve just been blown away.  I know I’m not anywhere approaching being a “pro,” but these guys all gave me their time and effort to back me up while I took my chances on getting this book together, and I seriously can’t possibly thank them all enough.  This week was particularly tough for me, with a lot of moments that really dragged me down emotionally and shook my confidence in my own work and abilities, and it was this huge outpouring of support that I got from all of you, and from these really talented artists, that kept me going.

And speaking of that, I wanted to show you all THIS, which came to me from someone on the Ogre/GEV forums at Steve Jackson Games:

Yes, that’s right, it’s a custom counter and game statistics for Mike-One-Echo, so you can now take him into battle against the Combine and Paneurope!  That was just so totally cool I couldn’t contain myself.  And between this, and 6-Commando making its rounds on forums across the interwebs, from SJGames to Dream Pod Nine to Boardgamegeek, and even Kickstarter, word of mouth is spreading, and boy did that all just give me a lift right when I needed it the most!

So really, that’s just enough out of me.  Enjoy the show, everyone!  And as always, you can vote to see what progress I made this week!