…I’d just hoped it’d be later rather than sooner.  But it isn’t.  I had a deadline in my office, followed by a last minute trip out of the state, from which I didn’t return until later than I’d expected.  Fact is, combinations of circumstances such as this happen in the “real world,” and these combined to put me too far behind schedule to catch up.  The page I wish I were posting now is instead sitting on my drawing board, only about 3/4 of the way inked.  Oh, well, I suppose these things happen.

Sorry for the lame placeholder above, but there it is.  Things will go back on schedule next monday, and I’ll take the extra time this week to make some much-needed upgrades to this site and its parent, so check back this week for compensatory goodness in the way of web upgrades and extra content and background material.

And for those of my artistic compatriots who are reading this, next time this kind of thing happens, I’ll try to forsee it better, and maybe arrange some guest artwork to fill the gap (hint, hint, Joost et al!)  My apologies for this week, but this is the world we live in.