Fallout continued to mount this weekend from my ill-fated “vacation,” and so the update will be a little late, and not quite what I think you’ll expect.  This whole situation has thrown a real monkey wrench into just about every aspect of my life, and though I did pencil and ink this week’s page, I am simply out of time and can’t tackle the process of piecing the thing together from half-baked scans.  I will make photo reductions tomorrow and post the page, though it may be black and white for the time being.

And as if to add insult to injury, the Phillies are losing the World Series!  Good God, things just keep going from bad to worse.  For those unfamiliar with baseball as such (European readers, of whom there are a few – Joost et al!) this particular championship is between my home town, Philadelphia, and New York City, and my team who won the Series last year, is doing very poorly against the Yankees, among whose fans I now have to live, and who frankly are more than a little stuck up about it.  To get an idea of the importance of the sport, it’s something akin to what soccer (or “football”) is to Europe, at least to us living in the Eastern United States.


I suppose sometimes you just can’t win for losing.  But I’ll get back on track soon enough.  My current plan is to forge ahead with the next page, then try to color them both over the weekend, which is definitely doable, assuming I set to it properly.  In any case, I will still post the black-and-whites tomorrow afternoon, so the story won’t totally slow down.  But this is what comes of trying to take vacations, I suppose!

Joost’s artwork, which will remain posted above until tomorrow, by the way, will take pride of place in the new “Guests” page I’m working up, as the first gallery piece.  Once again, I’m bound to thank him for filling in for me while I was away.  This second delay was not what I’d wanted, to be sure, nor was it what I expected.  But I’ll get things back on track as soon as I can.