Something tells me the Colonel isn’t talking politics anymore by the end of the page.  Which is funny, because I think, at the start of the story, Colonel Haulley must have seemed like he was going to be a secondary character.  Hmm.

So, we made it this week.  I’m still on the front lines here, as far as work goes.  Which is to say I have a heck of a lot of it to do these days.  But I still chug along with the comic.  I’m glad you guys are so patient – it’s so easy to let things like this trail off, as so many really good comics have done.  But now that we’re really in the “meat” of the story now, it’s getting more exciting to draw, so much so that I’m actually really looking forward to Chapter 6, since Chapter 5 is almost done.  Inspirado comes in waves, naturally, but my enthusiasm is on the upswing at the moment – this project and a few others are making me feel more confident and interested in where I’m going with all this.

So anyway, enough’a my yakkin’.  I’ll see you all next week!