Why is it that short weeks always feel the longest?  Someone ought to do a study on that.

But yeah, here’s the next page, and let me just tell you that all the linework and such was a tremendous chore on this one.  Took me forever to get all the panels in the right order and all that layout stuff that probably never gets noticed in the final version.  And honestly, I liked the sketch of this page much better than any of the rest of the stages.  Which is not to say I’m not pleased with the finished product, just… I… I’m too tired to finish that statement.

So anyway, I hope you all didn’t mind my taking last weekend off.  I feel that the past few years I’ve taken inadequate advantage of my summers, and the result has been stress and chest pains come autumn.  So this year I’m giving myself permission to slow down a little bit and try to savor the weather, the fact that I live on the beach, and, thereby, to enjoy drawing this comic more than is typical for me in the summer months.  This page I did not enjoy drawing, I’ll admit, but I do enjoy the finished product.  It was just such a labor to figure it all out and correct all the lines of perspective – all that technical nonsense nobody cares about if they’re only looking at it for ten seconds, but which would drive me nuts if I didn’t fix it.  To say nothing of the fact that I have begun again to consider what’s to be done with chapters one and two, which feel so half-assed to me now, despite the fact that I was really using my whole ass at the time… then comes my fit again.

I better turn in.  This way lies madness.  Have a great week, everyone!